Aurora San is a US based luxury, customizable swimwear line with interchangeable straps that encompasses both classic base pieces and luxury straps. The collection was launched in 2017 by sisters Natasha and Gemma who have pioneered customizable swimwear with their patented clasp. Born and raised in London, the duo avidly collected swimwear, often jet-setting with no fewer than twenty bikinis each, swapping and sharing tops to create more looks—which ignited the idea of Aurora San swimwear. 

Aurora San swimwear reflects the effortless jetset lifestyle of the European summer. The versatility of the collection lies in the interchangeable straps and the ability to wear the one swimsuit in multiple ways. The base pieces in luxurious Italian fabric come in classic colors such as white, navy and magenta – while the straps are inspired by the latest trends and fabrics to instantly update the look.  

The name “Aurora” was chosen by Gemma, who had long mentally reserved it for her first daughter—or her first business, whichever came first! “Aurora” is a mythological name meaning “Goddess of Dawn,” and when Gemma thought of dawn, she envisioned the sun rising over crystal waters and golden sands. “San” is Natasha's last name. By merging Gemma’s chosen name with Natasha’s last name, they created a character: Aurora San, a woman who embodied both sisters. They envisioned Aurora San to be stylish, fun, glamorous and just the right amount of sexy—exactly how they describe their swimwear. Natasha and Gemma both have backgrounds in Business and Finance, which they are now applying to their passion for fashion & swimwear. 

The sisters share a love of fashion, Nutella, dogs, beaches, traveling, family, keeping healthy and now, their dream-come-true, Aurora San Swimwear. The brand often signs off with “Love Aurora San XO,” which embodies the way the sisters communicate with each other and their avatar.  Aurora San is made with a lot of sisterly love and friendship, which they hope to share with everyone they reach, online and in person. 

Love Aurora San XO


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