Aurora San was born out of a desire for choice, instant gratification, and bikini love. The novelty of Aurora San lies in the ability to change the look of our gorgeous, classically cut swimwear styles with the simple switch of the straps. So you’ll have your favorite, go-to, can’t live without swimsuit season after season, but it will never look the same because our straps completely and instantly change everything about it. Except how it fits of course. That’s all about you.

The reason we can offer this innovation is that we’ve designed our swimsuits with the most luxurious, high-quality fabrics, sourced from Italy. With woven UPF sun protection and quick-dry wicking technology, our suits will stand up to swim after swim, wear after wear, Instagram after Instagram post—always looking new! Plus, our clasps are patent-pending (as well as pretty), making the strap switch super simple! And did we mention, our straps are one size fits all? Read: No wardrobe malfunctions here!

The best news is: The tide is always bringing in new strap designs to keep your suit updated and on high trend alert! So you don’t have to retire your swimsuit with each passing trend—just treat yourself to our latest and greatest straps. Feeling a touch romantic, moody floral? Our spring 2019 collection is sure to please. 

Aurora San is the only swimwear company that offers a level of customization the swimwear category has never before seen—giving our customers so many more options for having fashionable fun in the sun!

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